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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How do I love thee, San Diego Comic-Con? Let me count the ways...

It's the calm before the Comic-Con storm in San Diego today. Workers are doing last-minute preps, assembling tents and setting up lines outside of the Convention Center. It's the city's biggest annual show, and one of it's largest money-makers. Each year, the Con brings in approximately $178 million into San Diego's economy over the 5-day Nerd-fest. 
Yes. Nerds spend money. NOT news!!! Have you taken a look at the exclusives this year? 
From live concerts at Petco Park, to movie and television premieres, parties, zombies, and everything in-between, the Comic-Con of today looks a lot different than when it started in 1970. It looks a lot different than my first Con. That was awhile ago. I'm, I-hated-New Kids-on the Block-years-old. Do the math, people. 

As this year's Con approached, I've heard the same complaint over and over again that I've heard the last several years. I've even said it myself: "Comic-Con used to be about COMICS". Yes. It did. But guess what guys - get over it!!! Comic-Con has turned San Diego into Hollywood 2.0 for a weekend for awhile now. Some may see this as exploitive, but I don't necessarily agree with that. After all, what is nerdiness, anyway? I might have to explore that in more detail in another post. I haven't even looked at the panel schedule for the weekend. Nerd Problems. 

And yes. For the record, I AM a Nerd. A real one. NOT a booth-babe, or a Cosplay "skank", or whatever label is being thrown out these days at women who like to worship at what I like to call, the High Temple of Nerd. I'm a life-long, nerd, to be precise. I couldn't grow up with the Father I had and NOT be. It still cracks me that people are surprised when they discover my nerdiness. What is that saying about judging a book by it's Cover Art? So what do I think a nerd is? 

I think its about loving something so much other people think you’re weird for it. In other words, it’s not what you love but how you love it. And even with the crowds and the craziness I still love Comic-Con and here are a few of the reasons why: 

Planning out my Con Wardrobe. Do the socks go with the swimsuit?!? 
(Thank you, DC. I <3 Batman and I <3 Swag!!!)

Being in a place where everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is geeked out.

Meeting new friends, and in some cases - new "friends" who will follow you around the rest of the Con.

The awesome signs. 

Being in a place where dressing up is highly encouraged.

Two Words: Gender-swap Bro Cosplay!!

Trying to figure out the obscure Cosplay
Iron Bat Beyond? 

Star Wars EVERYWHERE you turn.

Batmobiles-REAL ones!!!

Posing for glorious pictures everywhere 

Being able to breathe the air, and if you're lucky... rub shoulders with the same people you have written fan fiction about.
I know. Crazy-eyed, FanGirl in full-effect. It was embarrassing. But, ADRIAN FREAKING PAUL!!!! Deep Breaths. I'm STILL geeked out about this. 

Nerd Love

Being in a Place where you can completely geek out.

Yes, the crowds at Comic-Con have gotten a little chaotic the past decade, but so what. I think Comic-Con still gives people who love all sorts of crazy stuff a five-day oasis where they can come and no one will judge them. To all my fellow Nerds out there: This is what we always wanted, Right?!? When you start complaining that the non-Comic Book types have ruined Comic-Con because they don't like exactly the same things you do, you're doing the same think you hated being done to you as a kid. Play nice, everyonesaying that certain people don’t belong at your thing because they don’t like the exact same things you do, do you realize that you’re doing the very thing you hated being done to you as a kid? 
So try to play nice, everyone - if these ladies can do it, we all can! ;-) Have a great weekend, and May the Force Be With You! 

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